Displaying last 10 runs results for microbenchmark BenchmarkXXHash/xxHash,direct,bytes,n=8B-48

Git Ref Started At Number of Iterations Time/op Bytes/op Megabytes/s Allocations/op
84d97d89454702c04e27196d7c61eebbd75120f8 2022-11-17T00:00:08Z 2.48434135e+07 45.00 ns N/A 175 B/s N/A
77506aeee71693ee63f384ba25f3b506e8566acc 2022-11-18T00:41:34Z 2.50188785e+07 45.00 ns N/A 176 B/s N/A
1d61c1173b8e5d7fc1d15771f04ec9dc3cf3e5ab 2022-11-19T02:02:07Z 2.4960096e+07 45.00 ns N/A 177 B/s N/A
9fa77842d0cd9b2633e4e4d533e99912d11e7cb2 2022-11-21T00:27:25Z 2.3784275e+07 45.00 ns N/A 174 B/s N/A
f90c08ec1fe0afb0456f7e36dfa3fcf96ed446ed 2022-11-22T03:13:33Z 2.47233335e+07 47.00 ns N/A 167 B/s N/A
4f850f6e2adb9897f4e0edd5eb80407fda9f4204 2022-11-23T00:00:08Z 2.4908257e+07 48.00 ns N/A 164 B/s N/A
fb629d3368e6aec9b4be8520167b350554eb324e 2022-11-24T00:00:09Z 2.61441e+07 47.00 ns N/A 168 B/s N/A
8602b5b16cdbe12191bb76f22263bc7a0fb6402d 2022-11-25T00:21:55Z 2.5492014e+07 48.00 ns N/A 166 B/s N/A
99468222a2e6b19ff9c24923f27786a1fd54af4c 2022-11-26T02:48:55Z 2.5481084e+07 47.00 ns N/A 169 B/s N/A
8d35dce09d1385b256111186098cc671956a9346 2022-11-29T00:50:26Z 2.50916915e+07 46.00 ns N/A 170 B/s N/A

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