Displaying last 10 runs results for microbenchmark BenchmarkXXHash/xxHash,direct,bytes,n=32B-48

Git Ref Started At Number of Iterations Time/op Bytes/op Megabytes/s Allocations/op
7afc6e1e1816a820baba841fd4dc38901d40e5a3 2023-03-16T01:39:20Z 2.2994247e+07 49.00 ns N/A 641 B/s N/A
75d124046b0530813a58383d64cd0bf45d040484 2023-03-17T02:18:41Z 2.1934709e+07 50.00 ns N/A 629 B/s N/A
19a3a389738eb7fc962ab32883d8f4cc89fa8a27 2023-03-18T00:00:29Z 2.17016575e+07 51.00 ns N/A 617 B/s N/A
7f2beb5db6b97dd33e1faa1a756fd7611e2edf27 2023-03-19T02:53:15Z 2.1940018e+07 52.00 ns N/A 613 B/s N/A
8f68f3f72fe8151beb531e7a16eef1abb0314809 2023-03-20T00:50:45Z 2.2266852e+07 52.00 ns N/A 604 B/s N/A
d9f420f9f90b3a0c657f83f69885df460a6ff878 2023-03-21T00:21:04Z 2.16995695e+07 52.00 ns N/A 612 B/s N/A
7af519e7b983a5fb6bcb87a5c1ab9e8520f2e5f2 2023-03-22T00:42:59Z 2.1741711e+07 53.00 ns N/A 594 B/s N/A
7c033f473165bf0c6e73497673fb6bdba92ba844 2023-03-23T00:00:28Z 2.19215495e+07 51.00 ns N/A 624 B/s N/A
3e9911babf361becfb20eac03dfe48e4ee0ade60 2023-03-24T01:00:59Z 2.15322265e+07 53.00 ns N/A 603 B/s N/A
028dbb94c624b5b4af0dde6257c78b74d2f1aa58 2023-03-25T05:00:02Z 2.24777985e+07 51.00 ns N/A 617 B/s N/A

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